MKI’s The person of the Year 2019

Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (MBS) — The youngest and powerful crown prince in the Middle East, rule his country with mysterious and elusiveness. He is trying to transform his country to be better and modern. He had made the huge opaque oil company ‘Saudi Aramco’ got the IPO worth of $2 trillions USD up and run successfully which is the biggest listed company in the World. Because of this IPO he is become famous in the financial market.

There is a lot of dispute and rumours to this ‘New King’ example like the Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi case (one of The Washington Post author) who has been vanished in Turkey’s Saudi consulate. Beside that when the country is facing financial crisis, he order to arrest all blood relatives and brothers and swindled a lot of money from them, to make sure he able to continue to run his country. At least until today transformation of Saudi Arabia is still successful. U.S. attempts to sanction Saudi Arabia but MBS is really smart and resolve all problems by using their inalienable ally relationship between U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

You rarely see a person so cruel but he is still so popular, 30+ years old young, smart and powerful. He dare to conflict with big powers. At the end of 2019 (Q4) as a result when the Saudi Aramco IPO breakthrough $2 trillions USD that time, people forgot all the cruel things he did.

Three months after the killing of Washington Post columnist Kashuji in December 2018, Saudi Arabian royal family hosts a grand family party on the outskirts of the capital, Liad. The climax of the day was an electric car race in F1 racing form. Obviously the royal family intention to create a new image of Saudi Arabia evolution. All high level government officers are here and even U.S. CIA officers and neighbour countries Heir show up to the party also. Of course MBS is still the main role of the party.

He was born in 1985, he has 10+ brothers and his father liked him the most. Most of the royal family members will be send out of the country to complete their education but he is not. He is completed his education locally and participated in state affairs as a teenager, learned a lot of internal management skills from his father to clean out corruption. When he grow and got the power, he changed the military generals, lifting female driving bans, allow female to watch sport games, held the Saudi Arabian first Jazz concert in February 2018, purposed Vision 2030 blue print, pushing conversion of state-owned enterprises to private enterprises, deduct the demand of oil supply,

Mohammad bin Salman is a modernizer or a tyrant? From my point of view, he is a good ruler who is bringing his people to the open World, at least he is the only one who dare to do and successfully brought all these amazing things for his country, that’s why many young generation is love him so much.

He said: “We live in a modern society, a society that is difficult to maintain without transparency, a society that is difficult to hide.”.

Open minded is great but he the one who gave orders to fight Iran and mass air strike booming Yemen by increasing military procurement from U.S. and U.K, force the Iranian prime minister to abdicate, sever diplomatic relations with Qatar, anti-corruption as a reason arrest without warning around 200 rich men jailed together in Ritz Carlton Hotel, Liad. Some of them are from royal family and get released after paying huge amount of fines. He has made the worst humanitarian crisis of the century, based on his friendship with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Corey Kushner, Salman decided to purchase two trillion dollars of weapons from the United States, and finally successfully exchanged for the Trump administration to gently lower Yemen and Kashuji case issues.

Saudi Arabia for the first time to become the rotating chairman of the G20, The G20 summit will be held in November 2020. It seems that the arrogant Salman has completely shaken off the diplomatic haze and the Middle East politics has entered a new situation.

I hope everything is good to people of Saudi Arabia by following MBS. That’s all for today, this is my first article on Medium, really appreciated and thank you for your time.

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Something you must know in the World today. There is happening and existing in some places nearby that you may not realized in your daily life.

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Must Know It

Must Know It

Something you must know in the World today. There is happening and existing in some places nearby that you may not realized in your daily life.

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